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BROWN DEER (WITI/AP) — Governor Scott Walker on Monday, March 9th signed a Right-to-Work bill into law, striking another blow against organized labor four years after effectively ending collective bargaining for public-sector workers.

The controversial bill makes it a crime for businesses and labor unions to force employees to pay union dues -- essentially weakening unions in private businesses.

Together with prior work linking spindles to emotional memory processing, our data may suggest that spindles provide multi-layered support to emotionally salient memories in sleep, with the nature of such effects depending on whether the emotionality of these memories pertains to their central or contextual features.

Therefore, whereas spindles may mediate a direct strengthening of central emotional information, as suggested in prior work, they may also provide concurrent indirect support to emotional contexts by working to suppress non-salient neutral contexts.

He hoped such a standard might “emerge in the future,” leaving the door open to a future challenge. In an opinion written by Judge Kenneth Ripple, a Reagan appointee, the federal district court concluded that Wisconsin’s gerrymander violated voters’ right to freedom of association and equal protection under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Immediate and delayed tests for the emotionality of the foreground/background image association were separated by a 4-h consolidation period, which consisted of either total wakefulness or included a 2-h polysomnographically monitored nap.

Although memory for negative contexts was not associated with REM, or any other parameter of sleep, sleep spindles (12–15 Hz) predicted increased forgetting and slowed response times for neutral contexts.

Governor Walker, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, signed the bill Monday morning at Badger Meter in Brown Deer. During the signing, Walker was surrounded by company officials and others who supported the divisive proposal, including Lt. Rebecca Kleefisch, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

"It sends a powerful message across the country and around the world," Governor Walker said.

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