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Overall then, the implementation Microsoft has chosen is fairly neat, efficient and clearly scalable, albeit a touch stunted in some areas.Backup options are limited and there's a 16GB limit on the size of the partition the 360 can address.Configure your PC to view hidden files, and you'll see the 360's file allocation right there and then.A different amount of files are set up depending on how much space you have allocated, or the size of the flash drive itself.With the new update, virtually any reasonably sized device can be used for all storage functionality the 360 offers.Some say that it's too little, too late, citing the fact that there is a hard-set 16GB limit on device support, meaning that even if you buy a 500GB external drive, you can still only use a fraction of it.

With the 20GB and 60GB drives all but extinct and the 120GB model on the endangered list, you can't help but feel that Microsoft could afford to be more generous with the USB allocation.

Although we had been made aware of this the week of the update, we just wanted to make sure this wasn't a glitch that would be reversed at a later date.

Asked if the Xbox flash drive storage limit had officially increased from 16GB to 32GB during the most recent Xbox Live update, a Microsoft spokesperson told us, "Yes.

There's no custom partition being created here: the 360 will format the drive when you set it up, but it's in the traditional FAT32 config common to most flash drives.

From there, the console creates and populates a number of hidden files on the device.

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