Dating an echoplex

This guitar is in beautiful condition, barely played, and with that great Musicman round back neck, feels perfect in the hand. 2015 Fender USA Professional Standard Telecaster HS, (front), (back), (headstock).

Best I can figure, the USA Professional series replaced the Highway One, remaining the best value in an American Tele. The Original Tele Noiseless and a quantum change in Fender pickups and still in production today. Two in stock, this ones perfect and theres another one on this page in nice shape in the box.

This Fulltone Guitar Pedal makes you comfortable on your pedal board, and its large Volume and Drive knobs provide easy adjustment onstage. Active control means it will work well with other effects and in effects loops. He was very involved in the development of this guitar including the very distinctive body shape which is slightly arched top with "fiddle cuts" at the bass and treble waist.

It also has a beveled carve in the treble cutaway similar to an ESP Horizon Custom.

Other features include alder body with gloss finish over crimson red, neck with modern 9.5 radius and 22 medium jumbo frets, 3-way pickup switching, volume, master no-load tone control, new style American bridge with chrome brass saddles, and strings through body. Fender Generation 4 Tele Noiseless Pickup Set, (stock pic). Even more authentic vintage tone, without the noise. Features include rugged metal body, advanced shock-mount design, super-cardioid pick-up pattern, and hum compensating coil. Quality Pedaltrain board with a durable padded gig bag made of cordura nylon, with adjustable shoulder strap and gusseted exterior storage pocket for cables, straps, etc.

I dont know if they still make the HS models any longer but the current American Professionals are running 49. Sells new for 9.95 but get this clean used one for just . The pedalboard is on an inclined plane and includes brackets for mounting your favorite power supply underneath the frame.

Most solid state models probably don't need a cap job unless you are having bad hum problems, but the tube models with the old paper or can caps should definitely have the them replaced. Like I said above, the tape cartridge runs CONSTANTLY when powered up, whether you have the echo engaged or not. See the link below for details on how to clean an Echoplex.

When I was a kid in the seventies, the only game in town for echo was the Echoplex.

Any guitar with echo you heard in the seventies was probably done on a Plex. Just to mention a few: Tommy Bolin, Jimmy Page, Joe Walsh, Brian May, and last but not least, the man with the guitar, James Marshall Hendrix.

It is in need of restoration badly which I haven't gotten to yet, see below for a link.

Some notes about the Echoplex I recommend rebuilding your Plex like I did. The newest your Plex could be is 25 years or so if it's an EP-4, even older if it's an EP-3. That's damn old for a mechanical device and unless it's a closet classic it will need some restoration.

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