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I rather read the profile first to see if we are compatible before I look at the photos.I don’t want to judge people on their looks, I rather find out what their personality is like first.I have met a number of men with whom I have gone out on probably 10 dates in total.The current man I am dating is really nice and I can tell you his photo on eharmony doesn’t do him justice.The funny thing is that he was sent to me as a match the month before but I ignored it due to something in his profile.

If no one answers then I will try out the site and let everyone know what I find out.I would give it a few more dates before you are sure he is boyfriend material.I would also find out more about his family and personal life.All the women I have talked to ended up never been very good matches. This way you will have the experience of eharmony for a few days free to help you figure out it is worth joining.You can’t see members photos which is a drag but I try not to look at the photos anyways when I am first sent a match.

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  1. Well I never say no to the girls, Daile, and I don't find them the slightest bit intimidating ... But they say they are interested, cos` hey at least you shared some interesting conversation, you didnt eat with your mouth open, he was`nt embarrassed being seen with you.

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