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When revisions to recruiting and media strategy failed to generate substantial hiring gains, the U. Xpress recruiting team decided to implement AMP in hopes of improving conversion rates and cost-per-application.

To qualify, you must be 65 and have a valid drivers licence.

Paget received a call from FCC officials on Friday who raised a list of possible regulations his demonstration might violate. Just turning on the antennas caused two dozen phones in the room to connect to Paget's tower.

To get around legal concerns, he broadcast on a GSM spectrum for HAM radios, 900Mhz, which is the same frequency used by GSM phones and towers in Europe, thus avoiding possible violations of U. He then set it to spoof an AT&T tower to capture calls from customers of that carrier."As far as your cell phones are concerned, I am now indistinguishable from AT&T," he said.

His setup included two RF directional antennas about three feet long to amplify his signal in the large conference room, a laptop and open source software.

The system emitted only 25 milliwatts, "a hundred times less than your average cell phone," he said.

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