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It was impossible to determine whether the beeswax, bitumen and resin formed part of this mixture or represented post-firing treatments of the ceramic to make it less porous.The identification of more than one type of residue indicates that RLWm ware vessels did not always contain the same commodity.Date: Author: Josh Cole Sheffield University and BM Reports have released statistics showing that the renewable sector in the United Kingdom outperformed coal power generation more than three-fold in the year up to December 12.Date: Author: Laura Chalk The Vanuatu government is the first country in the Pacific to establish a National Oceans Policy, with the aim of better managing the ocean and resources for present and future generations.

Even a detective involved in the investigation was largely unaware of the dangers despite being attached to the Police Marine Area Command and a recreational boat owner.Ms Grahame said Mr Banfield himself was well aware of safety standards in the boating industry and wasn't known to take risks.The coroner expressed her sympathy for his parents and said she hoped the tragedy of Mr Banfield's death would lead to legislative change.Beeswax was, with two exceptions, only present in samples from Turkey, while bitumen was found exclusively in samples from Cypriot sites.The occurrence of at least one example of every commodity in the samples from Cyprus is consistent with the theory that this ware was manufactured on Cyprus, and indicates that the vessels could also have been filled and exported from there.

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A coronial inquest found the 23-year-old had died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning after a stove was turned on in his sealed yacht cabin for warmth.

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