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2C:14–2(b), and two counts of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, N.

admitted that, over a period of time, he sexually molested his three daughters, who ranged from six to fourteen years old.

I.'s possession “ ‘barely legal’ DVDs and a book of ‘artistic’ photos of pre-teen and minor females in the nude.”J. was not charged with a criminal offense or parole violation, but his sex-offender treatment provider indicated that the possession of such material was “not conducive to [J.

I.'s release from confinement in October 2009, the Parole Board served him with the conditions of his mandatory parole supervision, which included the mandate that he refrain from accessing any social networking service or chat room. I.'s release from custody, but also with assurances given to J. I.'s access to a computer and the Internet as a condition of his community supervision for life. was sixty-two years old, unemployed, and without the means to pay the mortgage on the home where his wife and son lived or otherwise provide financial assistance to his family. I.'s parole officer to track and monitor his Internet usage. The District Parole Supervisor's assertion conflicted not only with the written CSL conditions issued at the time of J. I.'s use of a computer or Internet-capable device was justified because of his “willful disregard” of the prohibition against accessing non-work-related websites. I.'s request for an evidentiary hearing, reasoning that the computer/Internet access ban did not constitute the infringement of a liberty interest similar to the imposition of a curfew and that no factual issue had to be resolved. A panel of the Appellate Division upheld the Parole Board's decision to keep standing a total ban on J. I.'s ex-post facto and as-applied due process challenges to N. began serving his community supervision for life but after the events resulting in his convictions.

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