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Dr Gonzalez added: 'He was obsessed with the penis length.'He began with this enlargement since he was a teenager, wrapping some bands around his penis with some weights and trying to stretch it.' Mr Cabrera began stretching the length of his penis using weights when he was a teenager.

By wrapping bands around his member, it placed tension which resulted in small tears in the tissue.

But, for many unfortunate creatures, the journey across the horizontal passage ended in untimely death at the bottom of an inescapable pit.

Divers investigating the notorious pit dubbed ‘Hoyo Negro’ (or, Black Hole) have recovered a trove of bones dating back roughly 13,000 years, revealing the remains of several Pleistocene species – and even the remains of Naia, a 15 year old girl who is the most complete early human ever found in America.

They say that they will call me, but they never do.'According to Mr Cabrera, after initially dismissing his claim, the government has now recognised him as disabled.

I can never penetrate anyone because it is too thick.'While living in the US, he attempted to have sex twice, but the first woman backed out as soon as she saw his penis.

And, alongside the Pleistocene megafauna, the divers discovered the ‘most complete early human skeleton,’ found yet in the Americas.

The team, who is set to present the findings at this years’ at the annual Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) on Saturday, says the remarkable discovery offers new insight on life at the end of the last Ice Age.

While the other one had to stop because it was too painful.

Mr Cabrera says his penis is a 'disability' and stops him working - forcing him to rely on food banks to survive.'I cannot wear a uniform like anybody in the companies and also I cannot get on my knees,' he said.'I cannot run fast and so the companies think badly of me.

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An adult entertainment company offered to pay for a reduction, but he refused and says his goal is to to meet the right woman.

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