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) • Would like to browse singles for free • Prepared to pay for a membership to get the best services from casual online dating then you’re good to go.

That means conceding that they have had previous sexual partners, but not necessarily so many notches in the bed post that it is in danger of collapsing at the height of arousal. Men do not want to make love to a woman who lies there like a rabbit in the headlights or as if they’re just waiting for the inevitable ejaculation so that they can get on and do something more practical and meaningful like watching QVC or doing the online shopping.

Less than ten and there are concerns about the levels of expertise the partner has had chance to glean from their exploratory ventures into sexual fantasy to date.

Greater than ten and, in layman’s terms, lovers may be considered something of a slapper.

It’s interesting, but this works at both ends of the sexual experience scale, according to a recent study in the UK tabloid, the Daily Mail.

Women like their men to have had sexperience – i.e.

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