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then you can't actually have any compliance under the plan whatsoever."It's very disappointing to see what we thought was a jurisdiction acting in good faith, that at some level …

they haven't been acting in good faith."Federal shadow water minister Tony Burke accused the NSW Government of intentionally trying to undermine the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

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The key for the long term sustainability of the river is actually fixing the environment."The thing which makes me angry is the inability of the government agencies and their senior bureaucrats, from the politicians down — and it would probably go as high as the Prime Minister — to say this has to stop." However, Ian Cole, a spokesman for water users on the Barwon Darling system, denied the New South Wales extraction rules were out of step with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan"To say that environmental water is being pumped is just a nonsense because in every way there are limits on the pump size you can us, there are limits on the number of pumps you can have, there are daily limits for you to pump on," he said.

Mr Cole said on a long-term average, 94 per cent of the flow in the Barwon Darling was environmental, with only 6 per cent set aside for other uses including irrigation.

While some have called for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to step in to address allegations on non-compliance in NSW, the agency's CEO said that was not its role.

Phillip Glyde said that, under the constitution, states retain responsibility for water management and regulation, and the Basin Plan does not change that.

It also revealed allegations that some irrigators in the Barwon-Darling had tampered with their pump meters, masking the amount of water they had drawn from the river.: , : 2010: Inzest, Hardcore, Old and Young, MILF, All Sex : -.Tecniche Nuove è leader nell'editoria specializzata per le attività produttive e professionali: dall'industria meccanica agli impianti, dall'edilizia all'agricoltura, dalla medicina alla sanità al benessere, all'alimentazione.Un’offerta formativa ampia e articolata: oltre 70 Corsi ECM (Educazione Continua in Medicina) e di aggiornamento online per professionisti e tecnici.Tecniche Nuove è provider accreditato dalla Commissione Nazionale ECM per la formazione delle professioni sanitarie.

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