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The Data Pager Field then determins the new The List View and Data Pager controls offer two paging models: default paging and custom paging.The two models provide a tradeoff between performance and ease of setting up/configuring/using.This flexibility allows us to create hybrid paging interfaces, such as a paging interface with numeric pages and First and Last buttons. With this field, you, the page developer, are on the hook for creating the paging interface, detecting when the user interacts with the paging interface, and updating the Data Pager and List View in response. Selected = True End If End Sub ) and adds a List Item for each page.To create such an interface, add a Data Pager to the page and set its The net result is a hybrid paging interface, as illustrated in the screen shot below. The one at the top is the First/Previous/Next/Last added from the previous example. Let's create a paging interface that enumerates the available pages as List Items in a Drop Down List control, allowing the user to jump to a particular page by selecting the page number from the list. Finally, the current page's corresponding Drop Down List item is selected.In the Fields dialog box below, I have added a After clicking OK to close the Fields dialog box, the Data Pager's declarative markup updates to include the Data Pager Field information; furthermore, the Designer shows the paging interface as First/Previous/Next/Last buttons.

But keep in mind that a single List View can include multiple Data Pager controls.The Sql Data Source control uses default paging; the Object Data Source uses default paging by default, but has an easy mechanism to indicate that it should use custom paging.Keep in mind that the List View merely displays data; it's the data source control that is actually retrieving data from the database.The Data Pager control renders a set of Data Pager Fields, with each Data Pager Field displaying a paging interface. NET Framework version 3.5 includes three pre-built Data Pager Fields: creates the paging interface via a template, that we must create.When a user interacts with the paging interface - by clicking the Next button, perhaps - a postback occurs and the Data Pager Field recognizes that the event was caused by one of its paging user interface elements.

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For instance, the configuration options let you specify if you want the paging interface to appear at the top or bottom of the control (or in both locations).

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