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There are even smaller vehicles, such as Chevrolet Equinox, with USB jacks. With this Accord, Honda now offers the Honda Sensing safety package on all trim lines, and this year even on the entry Accord LX.

Honda Sensing comprises stop-and-go adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow, lane keep assist (lane keeping assist system in Honda terminology) with road departure mitigation, forward collision warning and collision mitigation braking systems, and traffic sign recognition.

On-board technology is outstanding, with just a few caveats (which we’ll get to below).

A lot of the cool tech is on the Accord Touring, which runs ,000 with the smaller engine.

The top-of-the-line Accord Touring gets an adaptive suspension that can be set for sporty or normal handling. Sport/Normal/Econ console switches (see graphic) lets the driver adjust shock absorbers, steering, Honda’s Agile Handling Assist (a form of torque vectoring), driving force, shift points, active noise cancellation, and air conditioning.

Active noise cancellation helps mask road and engine noise by sampling sounds reaching the cockpit and playing back an inverse wave form.

It now uses three microphones to better capture sounds.

All are front-drive (only), and all engines have gasoline direct (into the cylinders) injection, or GDI, which improves performance and fuel economy.Honda’s infotainment system is called Display Audio.Owners of older versions dating to 2014 criticized Display Audio, and fairly, for having no physical controls, just the touch screen.Now, Honda has its act together: The 2018 Accord embeds an 8-inch LCD atop the dash, adds a tuning knob on the right to go along with the volume knob, and puts eight access buttons on the sides: Home, Back, Display Brightness, and Track Left/Right on the left; Map, Phone, Audio, and Source on the right.These are physical buttons, not virtual capacitive touch buttons.

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It’s optional on the Accord EX-L at $1,000, which is twice what it’s worth, although Garmin is as good as on-board navigation can be.

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