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BTW- No scent was ever originally created for old people. reminds me of alfred sung, wings by georgio, and the original eternity. This is an incredibly beautiful soft warm deep yellow floral that just gets better with time on the skin. In warmer weather I think it can get murky but in winter it is so bright.

When these "Old People" scents originally came out, it was the young who were buying them. if you like white flowers then this is the scent for you. It softens to a very powdery soft amber floral (not an amber overload). I'm sorry, but if you have nothing better to say about a perfume than it smells like an old lady, you lack imagination and frankly, why are you even on this site?? It shouts elegance, refinement, expensive, well done classic perfumery, but without being old.

Boucheron’s designers created this elegant perfume in 1988 and it was inspired by the art of Parisian goldsmiths from Place Vendome.

But it succeeds at not making a caricature and instead it delivers a beautiful fragrance that somehow is also a swan song to shoulder pads, big hair and bright frosted pink lipstick.You can read more about it in the article Special Jeweler’s Edition of the house Boucheron.I used this perfume back when it came out, it was my signature scent for years, but time and time again I go back to this gem.Heart notes of seductive warms civet, punched retro feel.Base spring strangled me caramel, in the winter sounds delightful - balanced band of all notes.

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i had a small bottle of this some years ago but its scent is permanently etched in my mind. to me, it is one of those cloying fragrances that when you try to wash off, it just wont go. but it has refinement and opulence, bursting with heady tuberose and my old nemesis, lily of the valley with orange and amber undertones. Perfume is a sensory exploration, sometimes triggering emotions, memories or even bad times. A white floral oriental, sparkling and slightly aldehydic is not for me. It is a perfume of another time, which in a way is still there.

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