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In the spirit of justice, here are 12 queer Latinx artists making music you need to hear.This sultry house diva of Honduran descent is a New York City staple, known for her work with Hercules & Love Affair and Jessica 6.The band has sparked controversy at the beginning of their career because Molko wore dresses and make-up in public and talked openly about sex, sexuality and drug use.

The band came to an agreement that Schultzberg would leave once they had finished the promotion of Placebo.

They become a series of sounds that you associate with people in music.

The most important thing for a name is that you can imagine forty-thousand people screaming it in unison.

However, where walls are torn down, new ones are built.

The backlash to the marriage ruling found its voice in Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk whose refusal to award marriage licenses to same sex couples landed her in jail, sparking heated debate.

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