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A few minutes later, he called me over and suddenly we were making plans to go to another bar with a group of women from Brazil.

Just doing this a few times will help you break out of your shy guy shell and learn how to approach people.

Practice definitely makes perfect and finding a wing man may be one of the best tips for shy guys.

Online dating is the greatest gift to the shy guy and probably is the easiest one of the dating tips for shy guys to begin doing.

Find Common Interest The easiest way to approach someone is to find a common interest.

If she’s interested in you for more than just a quick conversation about underwater basket weaving, she’ll help take the conversation to other topics.

When you are in a club or group doing things you enjoy doing, you know that the other people enjoy it as well.

Therefore, you can easily strike up a conversation with a woman in the group.

Once you pick the right site for you (see my dating chart for help) and create a detailed profile, you can start searching for women.

Don’t get discouraged if no one responds to your emails.

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