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Read more: Vital Records in the Danish Parish Registers ll marriages are recorded chronologically in a separate record, and with the year listed at the top of each page.

The specific entry usually starts by listing the date of marriage (day and month) followed by information on the bridegroom; often occupation, name, age, place of birth as well as the ''condition'' (bachelor, widower etc.).

This is followed by the baptismal date (whether in the church or at home).

Next comes information on the parents; the occupation of the father, the father's name, the mother's maiden name and their place of residence, e.g. Many registers also contains information on the mother's age at birth.

Before you can make an appointment for marriage, you need to send the required documents for approval in advance.

We will handle your application as soon as possible, and you will hear from us within approximately three weeks We speak German and English.

Nearly all churchyards and cemeteries in Denmark are public, and not many Danes are buried in private cemeteries or on private property due to rather strict regulation.

The specific entry usually start by listing the birth date (day and month) and the name of the child.

Unlike, for example, in England where a national civil registration began in 1837, there has never been a national registration of persons, and all vital records have always been recorded locally in each parish or by each religious community.

In the Danish State Church entries are recorded by the local vicar with assistance from the parish clerk, and are therefore seperate for each of the about 2200 parishes.

We advise you to pay the fee in Euro, otherwise we will not receive the full amount due to a considerable bank fee, which is deducted from the chosen amount.

When specifying the purpose of the transfer, please provide both surnames.

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If you or your witnesses do not understand any of these languages, you will need to bring your own interpreter.

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