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Salaime pushes back against the term “honor killings,” saying these crimes are tied to domestic violence and drug abuse.

A large proportion of these killings happen in Ramle and Lod, “known as the backyard of Tel Aviv,” Salaime said, where poverty, drugs and illegal weapon use is rampant.

Then, on June 11, Henriette and her parents met with a social worker at the bequest of the police.

She refused to return home and turned down a social worker’s recommendation that she go live in a women’s shelter. Her mother told police her husband was ashamed by his daughter’s actions and felt her behavior was an insult to the “family’s honor.” The father had previously been convicted of various crimes including intimidation, property violations, and drug dealing and possession, Haaretz reported.

Her parents had made it clear during Henriette’s year of dating her Muslim boyfriend, also an Arab Israeli, that they considered the relationship a shame to the family.

They allegedly beat and threatened her in an attempt to break up the relationship, prompting her to report the violence to police, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

“This girl was looking for love and safety like any abused woman,” Salaime said, “a girl who was trying to find someone to love her and to keep her safe.” Days before her death, Henriette’s parents and uncles tried to persuade her to go back home.

Police were called, but Henriette declined assistance from an officer, Haaretz reported.

That common interest will help make dating easier and more effective.On Sunday, about a month after Henriette’s death, Israeli police charged her father, Sami Karra, with murder, Israeli media outlets reported.Authorities allege Karra killed his daughter over his “vehement opposition” to her relationship with the young Muslim man and her intentions to convert to Islam for him, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing a criminal indictment.In the two weeks leading up to her death, authorities said Henriette fled her home, hiding from her family in other relatives’ homes and with her boyfriend’s mother.Salaime said she spoke to the boyfriend’s mother, who showed text messages from Henriette pleading for help, seeking refuge in her home.

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