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Slightly off the topic: My experience is "ore" it is not a standard informal first-person pronouns for males.

Guys who want to present themselves as somewhat rough use it, but lately I see that "boku" is used more widely. When you're young and female, you sometimes hate being so and end up acting like a stupid male. But then I met this mannish male who suggested me a differet perspective of cuteness.

Whether through Third Party Administrators (TPA), Brokers or Administrative Services Only (ASO) programs, Orien can provide access to a full line of competitive products and services through "A" rated or better companies.

Full underwriting authority allows us to be flexible and expedient in our approach.

"Watashi" is neutral in meaning, it is not "cute" or anything. It appears you don't yet have much real life conversational skill or interaction with Japanese.

And once you start hearing native Japanese speakers speak, you will notice that it is not really emphatically pronounced "waa-taa-shii" and not that difficult on the tongue :) It sounds strange a girls says herself "Ore". In conversation, "I" is often omitted like in Spanish and Japanese who are learning English have hard time adding "I" in making sentences at the beginning because they are not used to say so.

In turn, these new materials can be used to craft advanced versions of the weapons that you’ve been trying to upgrade at the Smithy.

From Astera, you can find high rank content by visiting the quest board or the resource center. You can also go on a high rank expedition by walking to the exit of Astera and choosing between the two options. As you mine them there is a chance that Carbalite Ore will drop.

It’s important to note, however, that if you mistakenly take on a regular quest, or go on a normal expedition, you will not receive the high rank rewards, be it Carbalite Ore or something else.

What ties all these things together are high rank materials.

These are materials that you cannot get from regular level monsters and quests.

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