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Your lover’s possessiveness can create serious problems in this partnership.You are a much happier and giving person when you feel free.You are a generous partner, but you are not easily “tied down”.You can be easy to companion but not to partner, so to speak.Both of you love to laugh and play with your partners, and neither of you likes to be tied down.Giving each other space is important, but it is likely to come naturally for both of you.You feel comfortable with one another right from the start, and the enthusiasm generated between the two of you is admirable.

Love for both of you needs to be active and growth-oriented.

You love variety, and can be given to exaggeration——not because you are intentionally trying to mislead others, but because you have such an expansive vision in matters of the heart.

Sometimes, as a result, you may promise more than you can give.

You require space in any kind of partnership, and need a sense of freedom in order to feel comfortable.

(See Venus in Sagittarius for more details on the Venus in Sagittarius temperament).

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You may be more intellectual than your partner, enjoying sharing your philosophies with him or her perhaps more than your partner would do naturally.

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