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If you don’t, they have a right to contest the will because you haven't made adequate provision for them.Cutting a close family member from your will is extremely difficult to do, if they choose to challenge it.Trustee company If you choose a trustee company as the executor, it will charge for time plus disbursements such as court filing fees, photocopying and postage.By law, trustee companies are limited to charging a maximum fee of 5 percent of the gross value of your estate.Writing a will doesn’t give you the freedom to do what you want.Otago University law professor Nicola Peart says if you overstep your legal rights, the will can be challenged. Adequate provision The Family Protection Act says you have a moral duty to provide for close family members in your will.Your legal expert can also deal with the transfer of any property.Friend or family If you name a friend or family member as executor, they may be willing to do the job for free.

Lawyers must provide you with information in advance about the basis for their charges.Validatum's Richard Burcher says firms that use a pricing method of either time plus a percentage of the estate or task-based pricing plus a percentage of the estate invariably produced a higher fee.Reflecting different pricing methods, Validatum's survey found costs for administering a complex estate ranged from 25 to ,235.But there are still likely to be some costs that have to be met, such as High Court fees for applying for probate.You can specify that these costs are to be met by your estate.

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