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Experts also noted that there may be millions of people, as users of Flickr, Sky and BT who do not realize that they have a Yahoo! reported they had been aware of an intrusion into their network in 2014, but had not understood the extent of the breach until it began investigation of a separate data breach incident around July 2016. 's previous SEC filing on September 9, prior to the breach announcement, had stated that it was not aware of any "security breaches" or "loss, theft, unauthorized access or acquisition" of user data.account as a result of past acquisitions and agreements made with Yahoo! The November 2016 SEC filing noted that the company believed the data breach had been conducted through a cookie-based attack that allowed hackers to authenticate as any other user without their password. and its outside security analysts confirmed this was the method of intrusion in their December 2016 announcement of the August 2013 data breach, and had invalidated all previous cookies to eliminate this route.Yahoo reported the incident to the FBI in late 2014 and notified affected users.Sean Sullivan, a security adviser at cyber security firm F-Secure Labs, declared China to be his top suspect and said that "there have been no past cases of a service provider like Yahoo being targeted [by Russia]," whose hackers tend to perpetrate targeted attacks, either in areas important for their economy, such as the energy sector, or to undermine politicians, while "China likes to vacuum up all kinds of information" and "has a voracious appetite for personal information".Hold Security, another cybersecurity firm, observed that some darkweb sellers were still selling this database for up to 0,000 as late as October 2016; Komarov found that the data continues to be available at a much lower price since the passwords have been forced changed, but the data can still be valuable for phishing attacks and gaining access to other accounts.

The breaches have impacted Verizon Communications's July 2016 plans to acquire Yahoo!According to Info Armor, by early 2015, the group no longer offered to sell the full database, but sought "to extract something from the dump for significant amounts of money." The report noted that it was difficult to determine who the ultimate mastermind of a hack might be, as criminal hackers sometimes provide information to government intelligence agencies or offer their services for hire.Komarov said the hackers may be related to Group E, who have had a track record of selling stolen personal data on the dark web primarily to underground spammers, and were previously linked to breaches at Linked In, Tumblr, and My Space.In trying to track down the source of Peace's data, he discovered evidence of this latest breach from a darkweb seller offering a list of more than one billion Yahoo! While two of the three buyers of this data were found to be underground spammers, the third buyer had specifically asked the seller of the Yahoo!data to affirm if ten names of United States and foreign government officials were on the offered list and information associated with them. government policies have changed to keep key intelligence employees as low-key as possible, these affected users likely set up Yahoo!

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