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After a power feat, you can even help other characters at your location. "I'm stuck with one of these spirits for an entire scenario. "We need to save something for roles." You see, Erasmus's roles allow you to put more than one marker on the card. Erasmus is the first character where I put my skill feats in different skills every time, and I love it.

He's the most versatile character I've seen, and he once closed two locations in his first turn armed only with a Force Missile and a Light Crossbow. Elizabeth Corrigan aka Eliandra Giltessan Adventure Card Game Playtester Extraordinaire Time flies when your having fun planning conventions!

They can fight and recharge and tell their Dwarf Mindblade friend to go kill things for them.

Let's move onto powers, cuz Erasmus has got some great ones!

I've compiled the responses and will discuss the issue with the rest of the org play team over the next few weeks.

Once determined, we will include the information in a future update blog.

All of the conventions on the list maintain some type of web presence, be it website, social media page, or Warhorn listing, so if you are interested in attending in either capacity, check out their websites or contact the local venture-officer for more information!

Sensuality is one of the most adorable attraction of Japanese Dolls.

Mostly, they are portrait as submissive and obedient servants.

Each of these individuals held a venture-officer position, as well as spent time and effort in their local regions growing the Society and their RPG communities.

They received their coin as well as a new organized play number in recognition of their service.

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This is especially helpful if they will be at an event with a member of the organized play team (see further down the blog for that list of events.) This month we only have one new addition to the 5-star GM roster.

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