Vnc viewer screen not updating

For mounting drives with your data, we also recommend ext4.However you can use many other file systems, like FAT and NTFS.So I'm adding this as an answer so it can be closed.I switched to Unity 2D and that fixed my issues with the PC. I've loved the look but it was no help in fixing the screen refresh issues.

A classic example is using the start-menu to access something that causes a window to pop-up, but VNC never gets around to re-rendering the background to eliminate the now un-popped start-menu. I've seen this most commonly when accessing Ultra VNC servers via Tight VNC on Linux, as well as accessing Real VNC servers via Ultra VNC on Win XP.I've had this issues across multiple machines and multiple versions of Ubuntu desktop (all 10.04 or later).Usually it happens with an old laptop I've put Ubuntu on but now it's happening on my primary dev machine (a quad-core PC recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 desktop).You can choose your language settings from within the program.For the Operating System, we recommend the default, ext4, which is a native Linux file system.

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