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Rights activists said they fear that the furor will die down and little will change, though, largely because of the entrenched political interests, clan loyalties, legal limits and cultural taboos that work against justice in such cases.

Witnesses often refuse to testify, police are discouraged from investigating, and courts routinely free accused abusers.

She said that the experience “scarred me for life” but that she had remained silent until now because the issue was a social taboo in Pakistan, “shushed away by victims’ families.” Fashion designer Maheem Khan reported on social media that she had been sexually abused as a child by a Muslim cleric “who came to teach me the Koran.

But it also triggered an unprecedented national bout of soul-searching, outrage and public confessions from victims of sexual abuse.In most instances, state authorities do not intervene unless the case is especially egregious and attracts news coverage. Celebrities sent out tweets revealing childhood secrets of being molested by older men.But Zainab’s case, which coincided with the #Me Too phenomenon in the United States, thrust a long-verboten topic into the public arena. Clerics from competing Muslim groups rushed to lead funeral prayers and protests.Provincial government officials, facing calls that they resign, fired Kasur’s police chief and offered a reward of 10 million rupees (about 0,000) for information about the culprit.“There is no shame in having been a victim of abuse,” tweeted Frieha Altaf, a public relations star who confided that she had been molested by her family’s cook at age 6.

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Well-wishers gather outside the home of the family of Zainab Amin in Kasur, Pakistan, on Jan. The rapes and killings of a dozen children have terrified parents in central Pakistan and prompted soul-searching over how the country fails to protect its most vulnerable. I love mangoes.” The next morning, while walking to a Koran class at her aunt’s house, the little girl vanished.

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