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What kids are seeing today is very often violent, and it has no intimacy, no respect, no kindness, no context of sex within a loving relationship.

Tragically, porn has never been easier to access.' And that 'easy access', according to a group of 15 to 17-year- old girls I met while researching this article, is changing the way their boyfriends are approaching sex.You will also get access as a bonus to - 24/7 online live sex shows and 1-on-1 gay teen chat!Watch them in their most erotic sex acts and anal wrecking action!According to statistics published in last week's report on the sexualisation of children, a quarter of all search- engine requests are porn-related, and 1.5 per cent of all the websites in existence are pornographic. Material that would have sparked an obscenity trial in my mother's day is now just a click away. While most computers do now come with filters that can be activated to block inappropriate material, the latest research by internet software companies suggests only 37 per cent of families in the UK have set up any sort of parental controls on their teenagers' computers.But modern teenagers are technology savvy: either they can get round the controls themselves, or they can simply go to the house of a friend whose access is not blocked.

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