Radiocarbon dating evidence for mammoths on wrangel island

The Woolly Mammoth existed within the most recent glacial event of the Pleistocene.More ancient species of Mammoth were adapted to the cold climates associated with earlier glacial events.Only one pair of molar teeth were to be found as functional grinding surfaces in each jaw.Like modern elephant species, the mammoths are thought to have been grazers.Long after the Mammoths' extinction, Mammoth tusks are still prized for their ivory and continue to be traded in parts of Siberia where they can be found. The Intestinal Contents of a Baby Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius Blumenbach 1799) from the Yuribey River (Yamal Peninsula). Mammuthus lamarmorae (Major, 1883) remains in pre-Tyrrhenian deposits of San Giovanni in Sinis (Western Sardinia, Italy), The World of Elephants - International Congress, Rome (2001) Poulakakis, N., Parmakelis, A., Lymberakis, P., Mylonas, M., Zouros, E., Reese, D.

Mammoth bones bearing cut marks have been found, some of them associated with spear points, indicating that Mammoths were used as a food source for humans.

Evidence for hunting found in association with Mammoth remains have been attributed to both our own species, Homo sapiens, and the extinct contemporary species Homo neanderthalensis.

Mammoth remains have been found in association with spear points characteristic of those manufactured by the Clovis paleoindians of North America. Ancient DNA forces reconsideration of evolutionary history of Mediterranean pygmy elephantids.

It is known from fossils and other remains of Late Pleistocene age from high latitudes throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Analysis of mitochondrial DNA from the hair of Woolly Mammoths indicates they were split in to two temporally distinct groups, and may be considered separate subspecies.

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