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Freud’s theory of personality development is described in more detail on pages 268-–273 of Chapter 13, “Personality.”Like Freud, Erik Erikson believed in the importance of early childhood.

However, Erikson believed that personality development happens over the entire course of a person’s life.

Appropriately enough, this week is OCD awareness week.

According to Erikson, in each stage people face new challenges, and the stage’s outcome depends on how people handle these challenges.

She called her psychiatrist and asked to be seen right away.

She had her medication adjusted and began cognitive behavioral therapy, which has helped her learn to be shift back to more realistic thinking when she’s getting obsessive.“There’s a lot of repeating the rational thought just to get me to hear it sometimes,” says Michelle, who has a bipolar II diagnosis and co-existing anxiety disorders.

If he was on his phone, she would want to know why.

One day, after seeing a number on his screen that she didn’t recognize, she grabbed her wallet and left the house, unsure whether she would return home.

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