Old recorded cam shows

He learned about deck architecture, how one VCR plays records ever so slightly differently from the next. Over time, he—a visual effects and post-production wizard with a well-trained eye for this stuff—started to see patterns.

"There’s like a million rendering passes on this thing, and each one puts another layer on the video." The game comparison goes deeper, too. It's not like slapping Mayfair on top of your Instagram photos.(It's also the reason you can't set the time in VHS Camcorder earlier than March, 1984; it's not historically accurate, Worth says.) The app's blue Menu button matches the GR-C1's styling, as do the huge W and T buttons for zooming in and out.Worth designed an entirely new character set for the timestamp, which is an amalgam of every camcorder font he could find.They had a particular color gamut, maybe some ghosting from old videos you'd recorded over, and the ultra-familiar timestamp in the bottom left corner.There's a science to this stuff, all of it baked into how VHS Camcorder processes video as you shoot it.

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