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talk about billion dollar company creating world class products !! ok, now checkout Amway Global or Amway India website, do you find anything that you want to buy ? In fact they have added few products with price tag in their website recently, before that there was no option to see their catalogue, only thing was we had to enter reference number of the distributor and click on buy!They say, they make business with most of the fortune 500 companies, where are their products in the Amway website ?Why is it always Amway which is news for all the bad reasons ?With so many complaints and arrests all over the world, how is this company still sticking around and making millions year after year in more than 100 countries ?No body would even listen to them, if they tell that they are Amway guys.

As they have put in their own website, Amway invested around Rs 200 crores ( million) and one tenth of it is in the form of FDI (foreign direct investment).But anyone with little bit of common sense can strip their business model and say with no doubt that it is the mother of all intelligent scams. Before writing this article, I have attended a session from Amway distributors who claim themselves as intelligent IIM's and IIT's !!(The Indian versions of MIT's and Princeton's) Amway guys would never tell anyone they pitch that they are Amway distributors. The name Amway is so terribly tarnished over the last 50 years that they can't use it upfront.LIE No.1: When a consumer purchases a product from retail outlet, he pays the middle men like wholesalers , retailers, their staff salaries, real estate cost, maintenance cost etc.but our business(Amway) removes the middle men , hence customer will get the products at the wholesale price!!

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Are Amway Products so great that consumers are behind them , and made Amway a $10 billion company ?

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