Dating spiritually immature

In their meager understanding of spiritual matters, they totally reject the Biblical concept of the They converse with them, adhere to their counsel, and conform to their ways. They resist any government of or restriction on Self. Does this describe you who should be strong, stable, and firm in your convictions?

Rather than live to serve the Lord, they live for pleasure. Are you likened unto the waves or billows of the sea in that you are one person one day and a totally different person another day?

While help from spiritual friends is always something we need, we will stay immature if our relationship with God relies on other people’s convictions more than our own.

The scripture above talks about those who do not practice what they preach; they take the easy road and compromise regularly instead of doing the hard spiritual work of living out their faith.

How often do you spend time owning up to your sins and guilt with God?

It simply doesn't fit into their elementary theology. Is it not so that they are usually unsteady, unstable, changeable, ignorant, weak, gullible, compliant -easily influenced by others, given to temptation, led astray, and inconstant in judgment?They are not consumed by how they look and how people think of them, nor are they looking for relief from their guilt.Rather, they have the humility to admit their mistakes and understand that they need other people’s help and prayers in order to change.When was the last time you initiated admitting a sin to a spiritual friend and asking for their help to change? Our daily decisions may not seem like a big deal, but they are – every time we decide to hide our real thoughts because we are afraid of the consequences we become a little more immature.Likewise, every time we make a small decision to be honest – even when it hurts – we grow a little more mature.

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