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“He said people were trying to sell him weird cigarettes,” she explains. In the garage sits his Ford Ranger, with four-wheel drive, stripes on the side and a 0 stereo.Since last December Levi has put 20,000 miles on it.Those people will swarm over you like flies on a dung pile.” At the party following the premiere, Levi seems shell-shocked.The crowd hovers around the glamour couple, while Shepard keeps ducking questions that don’t concern hunting and Lange, the daughter of a Minnesota traveling salesman, holds forth on the plight of the modern farmer.He figured he might get a job driving some of the farm equipment.“Instead the movie people asked if I had a picture,” Levi reports.

“Son,” says Brimley, “when you walk through those lights and cameras, just keep looking at your feet.Jane has a part-time job as a classroom supervisor and her husband is an ironworker when jobs are available.“We’ve almost had to face foreclosure on the house,” she says.When they did see their new spread, they almost fell over.“This is bigger than our house,” marveled Jane Knebel.

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