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The more willing you are to adapt and change, the more fun and interesting it is on both sides.”, Showalter tried it all: He wrote a book, performed stand-up, and created a variety series for Comedy Central.It was only through trial and error that he learned that directing was his true calling.“It’s been a really long, winding road.“I was just able to very clearly see in my mind what I wanted the scenes to look like and what I wanted the costumes to look like and what I wanted the sets to look like, and all of that.And when I put it together—’Hey, that’s what a director does!

However, after a bookcase fell on Showalter's character, tape librarians (and brothers) Randy and Jason Sklar took over the hosting duties.

After a paradigm-shifting season finale, the darkly comic series entered new territory.

As the second season started rolling out its bingeable bursts of two episodes every Sunday, Showalter shared with .

Showalter is also a co-creator, co-producer, actor, and writer for the TV series Search Party.

Michael Showalter was born in Princeton, New Jersey, the son of Elaine Showalter (née Cottler), an author, literary critic, and professor, and English Showalter, a Yale-educated professor of 18th century French literature.

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