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Further, a question must be asked beforehand: should a college guy try to get a high school girl?My wife and I, however, started dating while she was a high school senior and I was a freshman in college.

Their horror stories have become my cautionary tales. So, while your first few dates with someone new might be really nice, some of your dates will be much simpler, like sitting in the dorms while watching movies, for example.He always walked me home after a date to make sure I got home safe. I had had crushes on a few other guys before I finally settled into that relationship, but every one of them seemed to have this similar way of thinking that I could not understand.We could talk about anything, and it felt like we understood each other completely. They all believed dating was trivial, and that having feelings for someone was weak. I finally realized the importance of each of these people in my life.I'd crushed on her some while we were in high school but never pursued it till I saw her again while visiting the school one day. Just make sure it's not shady and that she's worth the effort.After you check those two off your list you should try to catch her attention just like any other girl, you just may have extra success since you could be viewed as the cool college guy.

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In the contexts I'm familiar with it'd be fishy for a junior in college to date a sophomore in high school, for instance. Not to mention in many states relationships of an intimate nature could be considered statutory rape in such an instance.

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