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I joined one of the group tours of the complex, and afterwards had a private one-on-one with chief executive Mark Simon, who took time to give me an in-depth look at the site’s migratory fish passes; I have to say I was impressed with everything I saw.Not any more; the new 3.8m wide Larinier baffled fish pass, with built-in resting areas should provide the passage needed for all migratory fish attempting to reach upstream spawning areas for the first time.

Viking Saturday Open (Deer): 1, R Scott 47-13; 2, T Bullas 41-13; 3, G Newsholme 36-10.A separate eel and lamprey pass has also been installed to aid upstream progress for these endangered and protected species.Downstream inlet protection comes from a custom-designed screen weighing in at over 33 tonnes.Now into the first throes of the ridiculous coarse fish closed season on rivers, and days into the new trout season, a change to rules by Leeds & District might just catch a few anglers out on a number of Yorkshire river venues and should be explained.Environment Agency rules stating that trout can be fished using worm has, in the past few years, been the reason for the society’s highest number of complaints as anglers bend the rules, claiming to be fishing for trout but actually targeting other out-of-season species.

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Poppleton Lakes Horseshoe: 1, T Bainbridge 130-04; 2, G Shephardson 69-04; 3, G Peake 63-12; 4, D Pollitt 51-08.

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