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The original Mer project was a free re-implementation of Maemo, ported to the Nokia Internet Tablet N800.

When Mee Go first appeared this work was discontinued and the development effort went to Mee Go.

The Netbook UX is a continuation of the Moblin interface.

It is written using the Clutter-based Mx toolkit, and uses the Mutter window manager.

To support the hundreds of Hildon-based Maemo applications, users have to install the Hildon library ported by the community.

Depending on the device, applications will be provided from either the Intel App Up or the Nokia Ovi digital software distribution systems.

Although most of the software in Mee Go's Jolla interface use the Qt widget toolkit, it also supports GTK.

As with Moblin before, Mee Go also serves as a technology pool from which software vendors can derive new products.

Mee Go is designed by combining the best of both Intel’s Fedora-based Moblin and Nokia’s Debian-based Maemo.On February 16, 2010 a tech talk notice was posted about the former Maemo development project founded in 2009 and code named Harmattan, that originally slated to become Maemo 6.Those notice stated that Harmattan is now considered to be a Mee Go instance (though not a Mee Go product), and Nokia is giving up the Maemo branding for Harmattan on the Nokia N9 and beyond. Fremantle, will still be referred to as Maemo.) In addition it was made clear that only the naming was given up whilst development on that Harmattan will continue so that any schedules will be met.Primarily targeted at mobile devices and information appliances in the consumer electronics market, Mee Go was designed to act as an operating system for hardware platforms such as netbooks, entry-level desktops, nettops, tablet computers, mobile computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, Smart TV / Connected TV, IPTV-boxes, smart phones, and other embedded systems.Nokia wanted to make Mee Go its primary smartphone operating system in 2010, but after a change in direction it was stopped in February 2011, leaving Intel alone in the project.

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