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Since you'll be using a self-hosted Word Press blog, you will have to find a hosting company.There are several hosting companies available in this industry including Host Gator and Blue Host just to name a couple.Not only is this a massive pain but it costs you traffic.2.Uptime - Have you ever clicked on a site to find it's broken?Now that we've established Word Press as our blogging platform let's go a litter deeper.​There are two types of Word Press blogs. It's called because you own the blog and the domain name. If you are a non-profit the ads will be annoying for your audience.Word offers users free hosting services and a free domain name (that ends in . You are limited to the amount of storage you can utilize and if you want to have a better domain for your Word Press blog, then you will have to pay for the upgraded service to receive these better features. While you have the option of customization, you will still have to adhere to the free list of themes that the Word Press provides for you.

Steps 3-5 will have you setting up your blog and publishing content. Word Press is by far the most popular and fastest growing blogging platform.

Free to use including themes and plugins, which we'll get to shortly. Secure and safe as they are constantly updating their software to help you stay safe and free of hackers. Word chooses the ads they will place on your site so that they can make their revenue on your free blog site.

Easy to use, even for a beginner, and you do not have to have previous technical knowledge to use their dashboard. Very customizable with literally thousands of themes and plugins that are super simple to integrate and allow you to do just about anything you want. If your interest is to start a Word Press blog to make money, advance your career, or gain followers a self-hosted Word blog is more professional. So you will not be able to add any ads or easily make money from your blog with that version.

On free blogging platforms, your blog can be deleted at any time if the company’s server mistakes your blog for spam, or if you accidentally violate their rules.

And guess what – you have no remedy if that happens.

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