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WASHINGTON — Robert Mc Coy said he didn't kill his estranged wife's mother, stepfather and son.

His lawyer, hoping to save his life, told the jury he did.

Now the Supreme Court must decide if Mc Coy was railroaded and deserves a new trial.

Few questions posed to the high court are as basic as this: Who gets to decide whether to admit or contest guilt, the defendant or his defense attorney?

You don’t want to get back into the same old pattern with another partner and it is helpful for each person to understand their contribution to the problems.

Constant interaction is not encouraged although the couple usually agrees on how often they will speak to each other.

A trial separation can be a message that a marriage is salvageable. People make mistakes and can use a trial separation as a time to turn inwards and reflect on the problems and solutions of their relationship. We have helped others and would be glad to help you.

The single life can seem alluring and interesting and commitments become less important.

It is far better when that is said out loud rather than when it is kept secret.

In instances where one partner really wants to date others while the other partner does not, the agreement to allow dating is most probably the only decision to make. Click here to be taken to our online counseling enrollment page and learn how we can work together.

Would you like help figuring out how to make a trial separation work for you and your partner? Some couples can separate and still live in the same house.

It might seem to make sense because of finances or children.

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The positive factors involve legal representation and an agreement that is legal and “fair”. A trial separation means that there is a desire and a willingness on the part of husband and wife NOT to take the drastic road to divorce. Click here to be taken to our online counseling enrollment page and learn how we can work together.

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