Pastor melissa scott dating paul crouch jr

Brigid Baillie, defending, pointed out her client had no previous convictions and had admitted his guilt from the outset of the case.

Referring to 27 counselling sessions he had received, she added: 'This is a man who recognises he has problems and has sought help for these.

The couple moved house but in March, 2013, he attacked her again, leaving her with bruising to her back and arms.

Miss Brannan said: 'She continues to suffer the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder..regular panic attacks, flashbacks, trembling, and being left continually on edge and feeling something was about to happen, experiencing nightmares where she's fighting the defendant off and being attacked in her home, and describing how she's too scared to get out of bed and too frightened to leave the house.'In a victim impact statement read out in court, the woman said: 'It's broken my heart that the person who loved me turned out to abuse me.'She described how she now carries a panic alarm with her at all times and how she transformed from someone who was 'happy and confident' into someone who was 'worried all the time'.Drink-fuelled Henry-Wallis would punch his wife in the head, back and arms, taking care not to strike her in the face, so he could continue his campaign of violence without her injuries being noticed, the court was told.His victim would frequently crouch down during the beatings and once broke fingers trying fend off one onslaught, said Miss Brannan.He drove away, leaving his wife alone in the restaurant.When she managed to find her own way to their hotel, he again attacked her in the bathroom, hitting his wife repeatedly in the head and shoulders.

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