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If you wait for activation and registration until the announcement, you should be on the safe side. Mirroring a php BB forum with wget can be a pain in the ass. The following assumes that you are using an up-to-date Wget, 1.14 or later, for WARC support and regex rejects.Might want to reject these too: mode=post mode=email mode=quote mode=newtopic Do not reject: keep mode=joined (memberlist!This page lists the end of life date for each unsupported branch of PHP.Do we have any estimate on the Cubase 9.5 release date?I just recently purchased Cubase 9 Artist - and I am waiting to activate/register it so that I can make it in the grace period of the 9.5 upgrade when it comes out.

Well, they alwys maintain secret their major releases.

Assuming that you want to crawl the forum as a random visitor, not logged in as a user.

To avoid getting a URL with a session ID in it, first grab any page and save the cookie you get: wget -m -np -w 1 -a BB3_$(date %Y%m%d)-e robots=off -nv --adjust-extension --convert-links --page-requisites --reject-regex='(\?

Otherwise you could simply put the stuff from into your own php files.

Here is the Before you upload it, you modify other things, like the actual layout, colors used, number of posts, etc.

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But even if, there probably would be no meaningful content to save.

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