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She then begins to get some blood from her nose and uses it as lubrication to finish the guy off.

When you take the blunt or the bong or whatever your smoking out of, go into the bathroom, turn the shower on hot, and let the room steam up while your smoking.

But this unprecedented gender upheaval in the USA may shift the moral GPS.

Women gain ground in Western Europe, North America, and the Anglophone Caribbean, but US President Donald Trump is a riptide pushing the boat of gender equality on to the rocky shoals. The revolution started with candidate Trump's tales of grabbing women's genitals.

Our brand means people love us and agencies — United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, International Monetary Fund — value us because we jump their hoops with Pavlovian reliability.

The tirade by the UN tourism czar against exclusive resorts insults Jamaican innovators who gave visitors choice in the dark days. Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett should demand an apology.

We must create a culture of confidence to reassure women. Franklin Johnston, DPhil (Oxon), is a strategist and project manager.Has the UN morphed into a faith body whose 'pope' is the secretary general with its own agenda?Jamaica may be its crucible, and we the unwitting but not unwilling poster boy and on the front page is sexual abuse.Then workplace protocols on gender relations should be mandated in firms, civil service, churches, campuses, parties, charities, etc, and gender auditors trained and empowered.All workers need safe space for confidential disclosure and this should be backed by law as male abuse is entrenched.

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Abuse of women and kids is not unusual or new, but unacceptable!

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