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I, being from liberal Los Angeles where you can be whoever you are/want to be, oddball and all, am very open minded and accepting to different types of people.I believe in the equality of the races and sexes, and the equality of all sexual orientations, identities and everything in between.When my boyfriend and I, who I will refer to as “A”, first started dating, I had a hard time adjusting to the cultural norms of Italians in general.The family dynamics, the rules about coffee and food, how to dress, and how to act in public, and even how to speak to people were all things that were completely new to me and things I had to get used to.He said it as if it was happening and was trying not to make it a big deal, but I could tell that for him, this was it.More important than a proposal, bigger than marriage, and more serious than moving in with your significant other in America seems to be. It was just decided, and in his mind, why would I say no?I’ve lived with all my other serious relationships, right?

He secretly wonders if I’m an alcoholic because I have 2-3 drinks during a late night out with friends, and that’s me keeping it classy.Maybe I’m more lighthearted about it because I know it may or may not be a forever situation, but his attitude towards it seems different than mine; heavier.He brought up moving in together one day casually after dinner one night.There are definitely pros to match the cons of our situation.A is fascinated with learning about American culture from an American and used to constantly ask silly questions about what he’s seen in movies thinking it was true.

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