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His brother Raja (Varun Dhawan) grows up in Mumbai’s Versova and is the opposite of Prem – he is outgoing, brash and bullying him is next to impossible.

However, Raja falls in trouble when he fights with Alex (Vivan Bhatena) and injures him badly.

Rajiv and Ankita presume that child to be dead due to certain circumstances and they move to London with their other son.

This son, Prem (Varun Dhawan), grows up as a shy and docile person who can be easily bullied.

Stonewalled by its bug-eyed loyalists, threatened by its lawyers and unable to get close to its leader David Miscavige, Theroux instead chooses to recreate its practices (and, more pertinently, malpractices) using actors he casts in sessions, a little guidance from former Scientologist-turned-whistleblower Marty Rathbun and the odd visit to headquarters.

Unlike one of the main inspirations, Joshua Oppenheimer’s , Theroux’s gambit is only half successful.

If The Exorcist and The Prince of Darkness and The Omen had a ménage à trois love child, and then that love child were murdered and photographed for forensic evidence, and then those photographs were picked up by ANOTHER child who drew rough copies of them in permanent marker on your most expensive upholstery, the result would be The Exorcism of Molly Hartley.

She takes some drugs (molly, presumably), blows off her well-meaning friends, and then gets into a steamy slo-mo dancing scene that culminates in a softcore ménage à trois (see, it wasn't just a metaphor! At one point the devil comes up with this catchy rhyme: “the things they tell in the bowels of hell” and then he congratulates himself on writing a verse that “Johnny Milton” could add to Paradise Lost.

before its release, and it’s hard to imagine Louis Theroux’s addition to L Ron Hubbard’s DVD cupboard wasn’t given a similarly fine-toothed treatment.Only the good-natured Theroux seems to stand between them and an is full of such meta moments, including a long argument with goons outside Scientology’s dusty Californian compound about whether he’s on its land illegally. Theroux’s first big-screen doc is an entertaining affair, peppered with surreal moments and wry wit, but its elusive subject remains out of reach.The tastes of the audiences have evolved quite a lot since the last few years but still, most of the viewers don’t mind an illogical but entertaining masala comic caper.Few people are more likely to goad this litigious organisation than a man who’s turned the tables on everyone from white supremacists to Westboro Baptist’s rabid flock just by asking the right questions, listening a lot and being disarmingly goofy.But while the BBC’s mild-mannered assassin brings all his weapons to bear here — awkward silences, innocent but insistent probing, vast reserves of likeability — he somewhat meets his match with Scientology.

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Alex is incidentally the son of Charles and is also quite villainous.

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