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Each time you make a monthly repayment on time and in full this good news is added to your file so helping to dilute the bad news that is already on there.As you can see from the comparison of borrowing options above there is no single type of product - just a number of alternatives that may suit people who have issues in their borrowing file.Your borrowing history and your file is an aggregation of all your interactions with finance companies and other businesses who let you borrow (e.g. If you have experienced money problems and this has led to you missing loan repayments or being late paying some bills then your file will be tarnished for a while.If you were to need to borrow more in this situation then it may be more difficult to.Without these sorts of loan available people who have an adverse histories would never be able to borrow again and they would never be able to prove that they could manage their finances.The reality is that credit issues can hit anyone at any time due to a change of circumstances (e.g.

Over time you accumulate a borrowing/repayment history in your file.The files will show whether you pay on time, whether you get into arrears or miss payments, and whether you default on debts completely.You might also get court judgements against you (so-called CCJs). Some people's files contain more adverse events or adverse events of a more severe nature. To learn about loan options use these Quick Links: There are a range of loans that can accommodate people with some form of impaired credit rating. Typically these loans for bad credit have higher costs or need some form of security or guarantor. So, everyone starts by having no finance history at all. You don't have one until you turn 18 and can start to borrow - things like credit cards, loans, mortgages, etc.

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Half of that is student loans, but I always pay on time and have never been in default.

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