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She has facilitated many state-wide conferences and served on state-wide advisory boards and roundtables and she has created culturally appropriate resource materials on sexual and domestic violence in Swahili for Tanzanian audiences.Katie is also a former adjunct Social Work professor at the University of South Carolina.Sara Barber, MA, is the Executive Director of SCCADVASA.Prior to joining SCCADVASA, she was the Executive Director of a batterer intervention program that offered services in seventeen South Carolina counties and has thirteen years of experience in this field.She has published research on the effects of increased supervision on offender completion outcomes.Current research topics include gender differences in client evaluation tools and the parenting attitudes of participants in a batterer intervention program.She has a Master’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina.Page Chilton is originally from Tennessee but moved to Columbia, SC in 2003 to attend Columbia International University, where she graduated with a BA in Humanities.

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During her time in Massachusetts, Olivia worked as a teen dating violence interventionist at Boston Medical Center, Boston’s safety net hospital, which sees the majority of low-income and underserved residents of the Greater Boston Area.

In this position, Olivia worked with adolescents who had used physical aggression against a partner and guided them in developing strategies for reducing use of violence and building feelings of self-efficacy around violence reduction, with the ultimate goal of developing healthy relationships, healthier long-term attitudes and behaviors around violence, and greater connectedness to other community resources.

Portronda Lowery grew up in Columbia, SC and has served SCCADVASA since 2012.

She holds a BA degree in Accounting from Columbia College and 15 years of experience in the field.

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