Validating rich text field

The name of a Java Script function to execute if evaluating a bind expression results in an error.

The function must take two attributes: an HTTP status code and a message.

The path of the file that defines the templates that are displayed when you click the rich text editor Templates icon. For information on configuring templates, see Using the rich text editor in the For this tag to work properly in HTML format. If you put text in the tag body, the control displays all text characters between the cftextarea opening and closing tags; therefore, if you use line feeds or white space to format your source text, they appear in the control.

If the cfform preserve Data attribute is "yes", and the form posts back to the same page, the posted value (not the value of the value attribute) of the cftextinput control is used.

Specifies the HTML tag attribute whose value is set by the bind attribute. To disable input, specify disabled without an attribute, or disabled="Yes" (or any Cold Fusion positive Boolean value, such as True).

You can only specify attributes in the browser's HTML DOM tree, not Cold Fusion-specific attributes. To enable input, omit the attribute or specify disabled="No" (or any Cold Fusion negative Boolean value, such as False).

A comma-separated list of the font names to display in the rich text editor Formats selector.

By default, the valid values are default, silver, and office2003.

If you specify this attribute, Cold Fusion ignores the validate attribute. If you specify a single number or a single number followed by a comma, it is treated as a minimum, with no maximum.

If you specify a comma followed by a number, the maximum is set to the specified number, with no minimum.

(The status code is -1 if the error is not an HTTP error.)If you omit this Custom Java Script function to validate user input.

The Java Script DOM form object, input object, and input object value are passed to the function, which must return True if validation succeeds, False otherwise.

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