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One of the girls admitted she’d never been in a tub with other naked girls, and immediately after, all her friends decide to show her what lesbian sex is all about!

The girls all start making out and feeling-up each others naked tits, asses and pussies.

I cannot run but I can find someone who is qualified to do the job. I have been privileged to meet some wonderful people in this country and I know it is doable.

I am not wired to run for office, what I am able to do is to fix things, inspire and motivate people. A healthy lifestyle, contentment, discipline combined with a peaceful and simple life.

If you look at the trend, the youths in this country have really done Nigeria proud, especially when they are abroad.

There are so many Nigerians in Harvard Business School, Nigerian doctors have helped to shape the American health care system; I can go on.

We cannot have just a few people benefitting at the expense of the nation.As a communicator, I shape people’s mindset on what to think, how they see the brand.And for a very long time, I hid my real self from the public until I published and wrote that scrap book, ‘My Private Part.’ Charly Boy was created to shock timid, myopic, arrogantly ignorant, and ‘mongo-parkish’ Nigerians into being their authentic selves.Instead of sinking their faces into books and lectures, these college babes are sinking them between their lovers’ legs so they can eat pussy, suck dick, get their young pussies fucked hard at college sex orgies and get their cute faces covered in cum! These girls are smoking hot, and the actions are even hotter!

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These are the kind of things that happen especially when you are fighting a good fight and that is what we are doing. We have a government of lies and deceit; even the police lie. They said they were trying to protect people against miscreants but who are these miscreants that 150 policemen could not contain and then they began to spray water cannon on just seven people?

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