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* \ ARROWS TR\ HARD A Arrows tried hard but just 11 didn't have it. «» mejelv the fir*t big step in their quest for the Canadian softball title Van- couver IBKNV come* to Vlctoi a Saturday for a be*l-of-*even BC champ Kutship series with the win- ner hosting a team from Ontario for the Dominion title Fu st games of the scries will be played Sxtur day at '* p.m and 7 First gam» _ . down after ttir jtt-rond to hold Arrows to f«mr hi D , while his teammate* hanged awa., J 1 ”* f ' at relief pildter Sluggctl for a big * J n get margin With ihe score V.t at the hot loni nf the fifth the lop oim.* nf ihr winnrr s hatting order e\ ploded for three more runs on a ri«otn- of double*, a walk, anil a v-o iifice fh Jackson blanked ihe *r.n v. Airna , and Fletcher* had themselves an r ' other title. club n r j j]n|dovers Ken NVe*t ai d lime f-h AMken . GENERAL TICKET SALE today — 10 A M TO GAME TIME Admittion (Alt Seats Rssarvtd) 75c and SI (Th Included ) NO TELEPHONE ORDERS, PLEASE •rout Winnipeg Blue Bomb- ;‘.a.7".n7 vw a., .^’r. in* room 14,1* fireplace; dinina rumn II 4a4: oak floor* lliiu nail caulnrt elacirlr alich*ci wilh dim ig *l’*rv two Invely bedroom. high wnh dnvr-in garage and Oll-O-Matic air -n- roimra ho* water heat with ml Bee Mi* mil. 'our rnaau /town t)i»r» ritnm* up Upper auli* rent* far PER MONTH Dan « ne.iiate iw *#■ tht, rhmc* 50 POona Roy E Mill* *-#«.5», rea . gve, 4-4474 GORGE OAK BAY BEACH DRIVE BUNGALOW Strikingly allraitlv* •bun*a- in* with Iwo h*dinom» and utility, living room I4a» dlnln* innm 15*17 P*mbroka ireihroom in vnlnr. 4-4115 Com/nrtahi* ftv* - com bungalow plu* e»tr* ran at which r*n be u*ed a, etna bedroom, batement. ,n main roam, ideal family horn* Quirk pn»M,(oe Pr-e* * ~r a C r\ on term* . eve*, 4-1*44 OLYMPIC HOMES WHITTOME'S NEAR JUBILEE SI 500 - DOWN - 00 10 MINUTES FROM CITY CENTRE )44 DOUGLAS BT. • "ua'ed Otl-O-Malie ha*t -enarair *••*•• Revenue 111* moalh plu, KST . Dibb came to Victoria at Ihc She was a charter member nf Ihc Order of Ihc Eawicrn Star, hc- longin R to Sunset Chapter No.

Gar Taylor s crew « * entered the dmilileheader need ing both games to even the * In *pu- -»f - thrilling 3 1 ers to nn victory in the fir*» game Kiev the title. jirii«r Athletic Another rtmiblrheadrr Is scheil uled for Alldettc park Sunday at _• ? Stephen* .«od quarterharks Otto Jvlluuv Brow n and Jack Hnrneaty. Ida and |.l*e*e phnna for appuin'meni In Inaoeri interlsr, 1404 Selmont A.*nu* Pul prlc* • 15 714 8 L Hargrav*-* Rei'lgr, Building. O A KB AY LOW TAXES Pin# fiva-ruom bungalow— pooet. Nlra garden at b*.-g •Ith fruit Ire., .-vrnn Prlied right 5/600 Dawn 11 544. cgbiner kitchen Thl, lovtlv homo It nn 1 *,pen,iv*lv bulll ' through- out and I, in auoerb randlllnn The lot I, double "«» wl'h lawn* and tree* lmmediata oceupancv ran ^.r.erma, ,900 Ml.. Phoii# J-4JI7 50 50 50 THE BEST BUY IN VICTORIA AT THE POINT OF COMPLETION A iwo-bedroom hnm* |«r«* living room fully modern kitchen, three- piece ba'hraam full b«„ m , n i • I'h drive -m garage, no a large )«' Down payment u.454 hal- • n«e |5fl per mnn'h Inrludlnt la,e» Contact Mr | y Rauoder,. OII-o-Matie heating nlrel y land tea tved with p*«lo Grand talua; or win trad* for J-bedronna rwitb term*! 50 T»rm, I ikon Down Eve, ca.l 7- mi or )-7a*4 VIEW ROYAL Near waierlrnnt Lovely aiueoo b-m- *#’"• etlh Ihrea bedronm, Laigr living room #(lh flrrplac* dining •par* beaut l" til ranlnet kitchen, haroworvd Goo,,. eva*., 4 4115 WATERFRONT HOME SPACIOUS RENTAL SUITE There era iwo ,elf -coo'alned *utiaa In Ihli *f u ccw building •inly uvu year, old. 44, Duncan, and was also a member of Ihc Rcbckah Lndtp*.

we offer tnu WHITE STUCCO TUDOR -BTTIE BUNOA- JOW Nlre living room with fire- plera goad dining roam, larga kit— rhen Rendu Two bedroom.

Oil heai Separata garage Ttll, very rampart bom* 1* in apotl*,, ron- dlfinn and la ai Meat II nso under- YORKSHIRE • I 2M DOWN PULL PRICE 14 *1)0 Pembroka area. Snug tit , ip hame On# bedroom goad living room end kitchen Cook ,tave go*, V Smith 2-7.11*. 1-4741 CLOSE TO NEWPORT •find, ii a a ku 00 AVENUE level building alt* Earr)|et • neho-age Good alora t ■no arhooi PRICE $ i A I Powell. BUILT Bt X ROOMB THREE Br DRGGMB EXPENSIVE OIL HOT- WATER AUTOMATIC HEATING EXCELLENT LOCATION near »h# bearh bur and #tot#« Through hall P-an targ# living room, good at M dining room Hardwood floor* V#- ■*»i*o blind* Electric bitcben ill* aina and Inlaid Una Kiab-rgillng. 4 NN SPACIOUS FAMILY HOME A LITTLE ESTATE HIGH CEDAR HILL Thia attractive home t* (ituated no I't acroa with l*nd*c*ping.

Phone 4-0581 ARROW A ROOM FULL PRICE 388 •p O/Iw D ow N “V DELIVERS GIVES YOU EVERYTHING PLUS A FREE BONUS roj M mri Tio CRSOM FOB «mn nil DELIVERY TO ANYWHERE ON VANCOUVER ISLAND (►-Piece Living Room Group i cocoas TO CKOOM rmo M nr*T IMlmvr TABU TOf wrm nn \siom IMF FREE FAIRBANKS MOKSK 2 FLOOR % POLISHER 1 6-piece living room group con- *V« Ton pair- rh*M Oil a beat price - utd . Jackson, right, won all four games in Fletchers’ hard- earned win over Arrow Furniture, capping his great performance last night by pitching the clothiers to an N-3 triumph that gave them the title. 49410-41 420 Only el eye* |rlt Contact Bailey at 3-4117, *'-nlng. 1*» R'reet PROM 4*20 A TMl Illil* p«rklend "O * *ert-id»d ra*.l bordetin* on Athlon* Drive and Shcntecltff NORTHWEST HOMES 3-9411 B17 Dnugla* CUBAN LEVEL I OT 72*301. Canaria Department of Agriculture are followed THE CITY BROKERAGE 00 00 hxrr.e nl -even tiifl'.i*, enuld #• dun e *-| \rr» o».i t •»! five rnnm* e*rh tide oil heat Sxerilmu la- ration Term* arrant**! Calif., freckle-faced, red headed* Johnny Washbrook, 10-year-oid actor from Toronto, holds up the rabbit’i feet he took with him for luck. Therese Returns from Scientific Cruise Bn Cl \KI MORIN The Prestonian class frigate HMCS Ste. with Pa- cific oceanographic group and fisheries department scientists, docked at Esquimau yesterday after having covered more than 7,000 miles of the North Pacific. These were hauls down to a dept of 1.300 over the entire Pacific ocean tian islands. much of the j y r ’ c selected areas simultaneously work has yet to he completed Each day at three oceanogra were made and current meat I he combined fisheries and tcria covered the area west to „ ni1 *111 exchange data that can at the Pacific Biological Station phlc stations, the scientists took urements taken.

M'l the onty bottery that adioata ift power oufomoticolly — for winter Porting — For aummgr driving — of the turn of a key I WILSON MOTORS LTD 909 Yates Street Phone 3-1106 1130 Dougin* St. In *1 Blnjn In Tnnr Car f**r* an4 Ihurafta- Ma H* *1 «p«n»ar*4 h* \ lr! Changes In rover conditions also seem certain to make for uncertain shooting for many who will be returning to spots thit have produced well in past seasons In many places, new growth has made it difficult to get clear shots fir his raused the birds to move to other, more recently logged territory As in former years, the fellow* who have liken the time to s- out the local ion of covev* will have the be&i chance of getting hack to camp with a limit * « * Fletchers Earn Split, Retain Softball Crown CYr Fletcher* won their second straight Vancouver Island senior “A" men s softball championship last night at Royal Athletic park and it was youth- ful righthander Barry Jackson who proved the difference. HURRY 1 Canadian Gets ,000 Contract CITY H»oh Location 00 Down A flye-yeer-n I Lie - . French fried onion rings are food with all of these meats and enough rings for two or threo servings can h# quickly made if these direction.* from the Consumer Section. REMODELLED STUCCO BUNGALOW LEACH & SPARKS rive-roog* aiuera kuatal TW Rear | tonvtnrxmm if*, full ba«r-n»ot with hiil-wa'er heat He« jiirul land- In a courtroom in Santa Monica. scientist lb 17 samples of the Wat«*r down They also made plankton synoptic oceanographic suih parallel north to the A leu- current systems and sea floor charge of the seven man lean, to 3,900 feet depth. Richards; Duncan demon- exhibits tarv, Miss K Hadden; Kftksilnh, Judge Miss K. yesterday through board se the Women'* cur** i i Htion of the United m V.* 1 c** attracted many colorful V" H ‘" NANAIMO The current polm outbreak here will not delay the opening of schools, according to Dr.

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g) ATTENTION NAVAL PERSONNEL OR DOCKYARD EMPLOYEES No 1 GORGE POUR BEDROOMS in mta modern ,iv vear-nid. fermg ii matte nn medugl adylre and t* an opportunity for any family man aeldom found Owing Id low prlt'#. V Jackson came on in the sec 11 I ond game of a doubkheado U» ” stop Arrow* for the second 11 straight night, score hi* fourth •» and give Fee h'lelcbers me an a couver Island senior “A ' men's softball title for the second * straight year- w Flet Cheix hacked .larkvm a with an K -.3 victory to win the e idle, four game* to two after a Amows triumphed. first game More than 1 i Hxi fan* ji in Athletic park staved on the 1 edge Of their scats. Freese's fourth of the game, frd- Speaking Briefly ROOKIF S FOl RTIl Rork Kay Thutsday coveted award the JO-year-nld p0)V , |prl , n a f | w Mrn ke win In forward, playing his second min M ,, . Jim Mc Nulty and total of 210 compared with 215 Anile Duunn Ai n in ihe run f,, r tournament favorite Bill n»ng were playing coach Jake %Uwh | nnpy „f Vancouver . rehuildipg j»»t» I n in,| In ik-- **mlv la*l *effort put toge Mier . In food eondl'lttn Nlrel* |‘ir *i *t| near «torej and l»*it»l Mr»*tlon P»w «t»o* ,r* of- fered Wild thia four- roots bunga- d QH . Low i,v*» aewar rnnnacted Term* If , Oni* ar* year# aid mi, modem »iuera bungalow baa been cum- Dl*l*ly redecoraras LI. 4 rn* i nr SAANICH 50 Down One-year-oid a'uetn bunaal NW larga living room, modern datlflc klirhen wt»h nook Two nice bedranm* full bwiement. in garaa* Im- mediate p»,te*,|Qg| Wonc/N Poll price $Ot DU Mr. 00 Down — No Steps Stucco home aig year* old four ream- and utility. rontainen ,ma|l*r duple* with aula- meur Hart g* 1-414$. four-pie, e bathroom Monelmetal nm-wt:„ •ank elertrlr unit, (lichen wired for elenrlr rang* La,,e room m b,.ement COAL STOKER PIPED furnace nlre |nt in lawn* and garden fruit 'r*e,. age A,k».g price EOOCA •llh m« 58950 Huirv far thta goad n it Pl*#,e •*« tor Mr, L*w,«n. beau- Ufulty built ,emi-bung*iow Pull baaemani , rumau* roam Alr-rnn dt’ianed h»*i ,p! 5) OOO raah tv needed lb rlb.e EUII eib Q7 c plica .. •# will proud Iw ahow thi, lovely homw •’ ln » • Price Contact Bailey. evaa., 1 inu REDUCED TO SELL Charming a'urrn bungalow ,|g v*#ra old in* • owner hou**.

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