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my guess, and it's only that, is he just wanted to retire. if the cowboys had shown some promise MAYBE he would have stuck around. But you can't buy a championship...when you take a locker room with great chemistry and throw a meatball like Moss in the mix....it's a huge risk. And if his routes become more polished, especially his short and medium route running, then Moss will be a great weapon anywhere on the field, instead of being one dimensional.

but its a job that give you maybe 4-6 weeks off a year. I have been there before when we use to lose all the time and I know you are tired of seeing the Pats win, but I' m not. If not, then the Pats still have one hell of a weapon that can stretch the field. It could be a lot better if Moss runs his routes well."his short and medium route running"Never happen...why?

Lovelocke (6'5/248) was a four-year starter for the PVAMU Panthers, completing 57.6 percent of his senior-year passes with a 16:9 TD-to-INT ratio and ten additional rushing scores.

A massive quarterback with 10 1/2-inch hands and 34 1/4-inch arms, Lovelocke has ideal tight end dimensions and could get a look there after running 4.81/4.84 at his Pro Day with a 31-inch vertical and 9-foot-5 broad jump.

He's 60 some years old and had been in Dallas 4 years, without a playoff win and no closer to getting back to the super Bowl than when he got there. We will see..........guess is you won't be around to admit you were like bill parcells don't let guys like terrell owens dictate whether they work or not. We got Gostkowski replacing the superstar and went 8-8 in the playoffs. All the moves you mentioned were good ones(except for Viniteri) but as the financial ads say..performance is not indicative of future results. I rationalized the same way when Miami got Ricky Williams. This might change at NE, since it'll be expected for him to work harder.He's a thug and will prove it just as fast as Pacman & Sean Taylor did. I will remember this conversation we had, so I will postively remind you at the beginning, mid, and end of the season. You think he retired because it was time to hang his coat. Of course he's not going to have a press conference and say "I am retire because of T. When he was coaching for the Pats and took them to the Super Bowl.For Parcell, he is a control freak and he lost all control with T. O." He is a professional and he was just tired of dealing with the crazieness in the locker room. He was talking to the Jets prior to the Super Bowl game. Not everything should be in position towards Parcell because it was the players that were playing the game...it was on the player's minds.As it is.....i'll be chuckling to myself every time he alligator arms one with a defender breathing down his neck.The running game will suffer because he blocks(when he does it at all)like a schoolgirl. I'll give the Pats the benefit of the doubt drafting the Hurricane thug because he is just a kid. And Moss is a lazy, selfish punk..nothing Belichik can do will change it.

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