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A refinance mortgage rate calculator can be a useful tool here.Many of them are set up to help figure your break-even point automatically.Since these are based on your actual credit, finances and home equity, they're likely to be more accurate than generic rates listed in ads or online.You can refinance your mortgage almost any time you like.You do not have to refinance with the same lender who has your current loan.This means you can shop around for the lender who will offer you the best refinance rate and terms. You can check the advertisements of various mortgage lenders to see which ones offer the best rates and terms, or you can simply visit their web sites to see what rates they're currently offering.The process of refinancing a mortgage is very similar to what you went through when getting a loan to buy your home.

Refinance mortgage rates are generally identical to the rates on a home purchase mortgage for a borrower with an identical credit and financial profile – you don't pay a higher or lower rate just because you're refinancing.

The best refinance companies all list their rates online these days.

You can also use a form such as the one at the top of this page to obtain personalized refinance rate quotes from a number of lenders.

The refinance rate you pay is determined by a number of factors.

Rates vary over time due to market forces, so refinance rates today may be lower the rate you're currently paying, creating an opportunity to save some money.

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