Dating stuart toy steam engines value

I have had difficulty with an exact identification of this engine and timeframe for it's manufacture.

One key source felt it was a "Stationaire Lokomobile" model #130/605, possibly made between 1918 and the early 1920's.

The green engine frame is a heavy brass casting and there are proper brass bearings on the crankshaft that exceed what I have seen on a number of other Bing and Doll overtypes.

If truth be told, this is a perfect example of a pretty face that swayed me. 2005, direct from Germany and via an auction written in German (thank you Babel Fish translator)!

I'm no different than most toy steam collectors in this regard, but after 13 years (as of 2015) of active scrounging on e Bay primarily, I've "narrowed" my interests to select engines from .

When you begin to collect anything, be it coins, stamps, baseball cards or something as off the wall as toy steam engines..don't have much direction and sort of try this and that 'til some pattern of interest emerges from the fog.

Each of these engines is a survivor, an engine that did NOT make a return trip to e Bay after running, scrutinizing and/or staring at it on the shelves.

Something about each enamored them to me and made them keepers.

I've also added an electric train section in 2010, so I'm branching out a bit from steam alone (I grew up with electric trains which preceded my steam interests).

Around 2013 I began a number of clocks, watches and blackpowder cannons..of which I have included tabs on my websites opening page..

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displayed in this section, instead it has a place of honor on the Home page right up front.

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